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"Boundary of quantum evolution under decoherence"

12.11.03 | This article by Navin Khaneja, Burkhard Luy and Steffen J. Glaser establishes physical limits on how closely a quantum mechanical system can be steered to a desired target state in the presence of relaxation. It appeared in the December 11, 2003 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Active Sensing and Data Driven Algorithm Selection"

10.02.03 | In this talk, Roger Brockett considers a computational analog of active sensing and casts data driven algorithms as a type of sensing. It was originally given as a planary talk at the 2003 IEEE KIMAS Conference.

"Making use of Hidden Symmetries in Data"

07.01.03 | Roger Brockett gave this plenary talk at the 2003 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. In it, he describes topological invariants in data and discusses how finite state machines can be viewed as "skeletons" of differential equations.

"Subriemannian Geodesics, Oscillations, and a Feedback Regulator Problem"

06.16.03 | Roger Brockett gave a talk on pattern generation at Banach Center in Bedlewo, Poland.

HRL Members compete on TV show

05.30.03 | HRL members Ben Peirce and Mike Sullivan appeared on a recent episode of the Robot Rivals TV show. On the episode, which aired on the DIY network, the Harvard team competed against the University of Kentucky to build a robot capable of crossing a river.

Roger Brockett interviewed in National Geographic News

05.19.03 | A recent article in National Geographic News contains an interview with HRL founder Roger Brockett.